Flashcard Machine: a free app/website for creating flashcards that can be shared digitally


Remember the Milk: a free app for recording all your to-do’s and tasks


OWL (Online Writing Lab):


College Info Geek: a free resource to help students (or anyone!) stay organized and be more productive…in school, at work, or in life!


The resources listed below have a cost involved, but are wonderful resources for students:

Inspiration: a visual learning tool to help students organize their writing…wonderful program for creating visual maps of information, and helping students to organize their essays and written assignments


Evernote: This is a wonderful note-taking app that helps students stay organized and integrates user-friendly techniques to help them stay on top of their material. The Evernote app helps you “digitize your thoughts”, according to their website. And who doesn’t need that?


Text-to-Speech programs: these programs are wonderful resources for students who prefer to “read with their ears”

Audible: https://www.audible.com/

Bookshare: many school districts and colleges will have a license for this program, and will offer it to students with a diagnosed print disability